About Paul Taylor


My name is Paul Taylor, I am a single father. I live with my teenage daughter Abbey,

our Dog Teddy,

and our two cats Luna and Sassy.

I have always worked in laborious work all my life. Ironically, I now I study labour at university on a part-time basis. I started working as a general labourer at the age of 18. I had to leave high school to support my single mother. Over the next few years, I would learn to become a truck driver and was for many decades.
Over this time, as a truck driver, I would learned how much big business and our government really does not care about the average hard-working person and their families. This was really noted when I was forced to work for a temp agency because the employer didn’t want the responsibility of workers having decent pay. Employers also did not want the responsibility of work injuries from having a very dangerous workplace.

Me unloading a tractor trailer at Canadian Tire in late 1990s.
I often delivered jsut like this to the two Guelph Stores.

This is where I would really learn of the pure hatred big business and our government
has toward hard-working people, when they, I, get hurt at work!

In my particular case, I suffered several debilitating work injuries while working in a very dangerous workplace. As you can see in the photo above. In my accident, a load similar to the one in the photo collapsed and hit me from behind, hitting my entire back, neck, and head. Unlike in the photo, I did not have anywhere to run. This is ebcause I ahd jsut started unlaoding and it was close to the end of the trailer. Worst yet, at the end of the trialer was the inside of the store and a steep set of stairs to the basement.

Throughout my recovery, I was always treated like I was faking or malingering. As a result, I was forced back to work, even against my doctors orders. Most troublingly was that I was on opioid pain medication, and I drove transport truck. The WSIB did not care! Even now the WSIB do not consider pain or medication as an impairment to safety sensitive work. Being forced back to work occurred on was on five separate occasions over the years. On three separate occasions, I suffered new injuries form new work accidents. My employer and the WSIB was never held accountable for the knowing, deceptive, and intentional harm they caused me. I would later learn their conduct was not exclusive to just me, but in fact this was commonplace within Ontario’s injured workers. I never understood why I was so hated for just getting hurt and wanting to get back to work!

The accusations of thoughts of me faking were based not on logical reason or evidence by on emotional hatred. Yet, when I look back, it is ironic as I, like all injured workers, was always trying to get back to work. No body wants to be injured and deal with the pain and the horrors of Ontario’s workers compensation system. This is not my opinion. It is scientific fact. Recently, I was provided a research study confirming that more than 40% of injured workers dealing with Ontario’s workers compensation system suffer secondary mental health injuries. I know myself many injured workers who have attempted suicide some where successful. I myself attempted twice. This is all from the draconian treatment of injured workers, by Ontario’s workers compensation system and often society as a whole.

Often, as an injured worker, I felt like the people in Salem Massachusetts of the late 1690s, who were accused of being a witch. They were acused, tried, and then jailed. Some were even sentenced to death! In every case, they were found guilty, simply on the word of another person. In rare cases they would have a doctor provide a diagnosis of witchery!
To learn more about the Salem Witch Trials check out www.salem.org/salem-witch-trials

Recently, I formed a group of national injured workers to file a National Charter Class Claim against Canada’s workers compensation system. This was done because the governments over the past four decades have treated injured workers with utterly cruelty. The cruelty can only be compared to that of pure hatred. The reason for this pure hatred was so the governments could give big business massive rebates. Just like the one Doug Ford just gave to ALL Ontario business even extremely dangerous workplaces.

In effect, governments across Canada, like that of this current Ford Government,
have robbed the poor and given to the rich!

Throughout my recovery process, I struggled to recover. Eventually, I realized I could no longer perform any kind of laborious work. I never received any help from my employer or the WSIB. In fact, they did everything they could to prove I was a failure, and a malingerer. This further proved their personal hatred towards injured workers, like me. In spite of their hatred, fought on and continue to fight. I returned to high school and received my diploma and a scholars awards. I obtained three college diplomas. These were in information technology, business management, and paralegal studies. I am also presently in university working on my degree in labour studies.

It is that stubbornness to fight that I will bring to Guelph as your elected representative!

Small Business Owner
In addition to being a worker and an older student, I also have been a small business owner. I previously owned a restaurant. This was not successful. This was a failure because I received no help from the government for a small business owner with disabilities. I then started my own law firm, after becoming licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. As a small business owner, I can say, without question, the federal and most importantly this current provincial government do nothing to support small business and more importantly do nothing to support persons with disabilities who own or start a small business.

Priorities for ME and YOU!
These are my top priorities not because I think they will help Guelph, but because they personally impact me, because I am the same as you. While my party’s platform is to create a more democratic process, my top priority is to ensure that the people of Guelph get everything they are deserved and owed by the province. My party’s platform allows me to put Guelph first and foremost unlike the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, the Greens, or any other party!

Better Roads and HIGHWAYS!
Something the people of Guelph MUST remember, going into this election is how Guelph has been viewed by the past and present political parties when it comes to Guelph’s need for highway upgrades.

The Liberals, waited until the last minute to agree to the desperately need expansion of highway 6 and 7.

The Conservatives, the moment they got into office cancelled all highway projects in Guelph, in favour of new highways in Toronto, making it a priority.
Ironically, I had said this would happen and likened it to years earlier when the former Conservative government cancelled the 403 expansion from Mississauga to Hamilton in an interview with Adam Donaldson. What was recently missed was what did the cancellation of the highway project cost Ontario taxpayers. Meaning companies had bided and paid for equipment they need to be paid cancellation fees. Most importantly, since 2018 the price of gas, wages and everything has skyrocket. Meaning the same or more likely a scaled back version will cost twice as much.

The NDP were once in office, but when in power they tend to not to build new highways.

The Greens have never been in government. However, Mike Schreiner was the elected representative for Guelph. To my recollection Mr. Schreiner never mentioned anything about the cancellation of the highway expansion in Guelph after the current government took office in 2018. In most of what Mr. Schreiner has said so far, has been exclusively about the environment. He has carefully avoided any commitments on whether he would be in favour of any highway expansion in Guelph. Further, in the last election the Green party made clear if elected as a government they would place toll roads on all 400 series highways. That would be nothing more than further taxing the working-class people of Ontario. This is because that is what it really is. A missed and MOST important feature was that is the majority of drivers will, like the 407, opt to use secondary highways. Like highway 7, which runs directly through Guelph. This will inevitably increase pollution as cars and transport trucks will be jammed up in small towns and cities across Ontario. Most importantly Guelph will be directly impacted, as highway is more of a city streets than a highway.

When dealing with highway planning, we MUST get away from this cancel culture,
where we constantly think that cancelling something is good, without looking at the full impact of cancelling it.

As a truck driver with more than 30 years experience driving across all of Ontario’s highways and roads, I can honestly say Ontario needs a long-term plan to build an integrated highway system that works and co-exists with the environment.

For example:
  • Avoid planning roads and highways near waterways.

  • Build expressways to effectively allow current carbon emitting vehicles to move along much faster.
    Ultimately reducing pollution today and immediately. Rather than waiting for the day we all have electric vehicles.

  • Undertake a massive tree planting campaign along and in-between directions of all expressways and highways.
    This has two positive effects. First, it makes roads safer for drivers. This is because it reduces fog, winter white-out conditions, and blinding highbeams of oncoming vehicles. Second, it is immediately better for the environment. This is because tress are known to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles as trees are a natural known filter.

  • Fighting for a properly designed and funded highway sytem.
    Such as a six lane Hanlon expressway and a six-lane highway 7. A highway 7 that makes a proper northern by-pass of the city, from west to the east. To get you and I where we want to go quickly with less harm on the environment!

  • Better TRANSIT THAT WORKS for everyone!
    Fighting for a fully functioning and integrated transit system.
    That would include all day Go train service. A GO bus service to other areas including Cambridge, Fergus, Erin, Orangeville, and Hamilton.
    This would provide people with a real chocie and if people have a REAL choice they will make and protect the environment.
    I myself preferred taking the Go Train or bus. It is much safer affordable and relaxing. Unfortunately, in Guelph it is limited to only go to or from the great Toronto region. This must change!

    A healthcare system that actually works effectively and not just cheaply! That we have enough doctors, so we are not searching for a family doctor like where’s waldo!,
    That our healthcare system be a government fully funded system that works! That a public and transparent royal commission be empowered to investigate both our healthcare system and the long-term care system to determine what caused the catastrophic problems. Most importantly hold those, including former politicians and the lobbyists accountable!

    That privatized long term care facilities be closed and converted to government systems. So, families no longer have to worry if their loved ones will be neglected for BIG business to make more profit.

    That schools have enough funding and resources that the students are NOT left behind.
    This is important, as students are our future. As such, we can not push the rewind button on their lives!