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The None of the Above Party has again nominated Paul Taylor
as their Candidate for the riding of Guelph.
Paul will run in the 2022 Ontario Provincial Election!


The None of the Above Direct Democracy Party, or NOTA, was created by party leader Greg Vezina. The NOTA is part of a worldwide movement of new and independent parties and candidates campaigning for direct democracy and voter empowerment policies supported by voters and non-voters alike.
Direct democracy, which is the platform of the NOTA party is to allow the people to govern themselves. By giving the people more control over the laws that govern them.
NOTA does this by endorsing the three Rs of Democracy. Referendum, Recall, and Reform.

Greg Vezina stated that if the people elected the NOTA,
We would start by asking the best MPPs or MPs from all parties to join our Cabinet while allowing them to sit with the parties who elected them. We would change the partisan, party-based system of politicking in Ontario for one that respects your community. In the first 100 days we would pass every Bill where there is agreement or consensus among most MPPs or MPPs from all the parties elected. Then within the first six months we will send out a plebiscite information package on everything proposed by the government and its opposition, to voters who must reply within 30 days for the House to consider. We will consult experts. We will spend the next six months passing Bills with the most public and MPP or MP support from the parties in the house. From then on NOTA would allow referendum, plebiscites or recall to decide everything else that we would pass using our majority.

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Enforcement Rather than Reward!
I would promote increased enforcement of those who harm the environment and a strong move away from the use of products and packaging that harm the environment. Over the past decades we have seen the dangers of allowing BIG business to cry poverty in order for us to allow BIG business to harm the environment. All for BIG business to make even BIGGER profits!
Many governments of the past have created financial incentive programs to reward BIG business. Programs that reward those who pollute and destroy our environment. BIG business does not care about the environment.
BIG business only knows and cares about one thing - TO MAKE MONEY!

One need only look at how BIG business has promoted hurting the environment as a good thing...

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Fiscal Responsibility, People First, BIG Business Last…
A government should have three main tasks when it comes to taxation and spending.
First, to only ever spend responsibly.
Second, to build a healthy and strong infrastructure for the people.
Third, to help those who need help to become productive members of society.

A government should only ever spend what it has or less. It can provide the most important needs to its people, while being fiscally responsible. It should only if ever borrow money in rare circumstances. The reason for this is simple, it is not their money, it is the people’s monies. Perhaps if the people had a say on what is approved in a provincial budget they would not be so out of control. This is especially the case with the Current Ford’ government where they imposed a province wide hiring freeze. A hiring freeze that...

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Healthcare MUST be public and effective!
Canadians and Ontarians have been intentionally misled by BIG Business! They have long lobbied our governments for the past decades and even longer for our government to intentionally starve our healthcare system. The purpose of which was to convince us to move to a private for-profit health model. To have, just like in the United States, private hospitals, priavte insurance...

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There is only one word to describe Ontario's private long term care system is MURDER!
Ontario’s Long-term care system is something we should be watching very closely. It is how the former Ontario Conservative Government...

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Education has always been the key to eliminating poverty and hunger locally and globally. Education is a protected right, even though Conservatives has always viewed it as privilege to be only bestowed upon the rich.
Ford’s Pathetic Support for Secondary Students:
This was the case when the Ford Government made massive cuts to education. Even during the pandemic when secondary highs school students are needing supports more now than ever. The Ford Government have them, our future NOTHING!Secondary education is the most important time in a person’s learning experience. This is when schools, backed by a conservative government incentive system to encourage students to quit school. Students then later regret it for a life of hard laborious work. As the ominous saying goes “we still need ditch diggers”! In reality, it is Big Business...

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Fairness for workers, with a real living wage!
Paul has worked mainly all his life in blue-collar laborious work. In many of his jobs, Paul worked for temp agencies. So, Paul has a wide variety of work experience and has a strong understanding of the plight of the everyday worker who keeps Ontario and Guelph going! While in the last election, Paul supported the $15 & Fairness campaign, Paul always believed in a much fairer approach for workers would be to incorporate a living wage.

Fairness for injured workers with real compensation!
Paul, as mentioned above, has worked all his life in laborious work and as such, unlike any other candidates, Paul is an injured worker. Paul is injured worker with multiple injuries. Paul has watched with his own claim and countless others of how the workers compensation system went from one that cared for and helped injured workers. To what it is today. Where it is comparable to that of the Salem witch trials of the 1690s. Where injured workers are often denied their claim for compensation simply because the compensation board or their employer thought they were faking. This is why Paul is running in this election remind candidates and voters that

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Let's refocus our economy on helping small business…
Probably one of the biggest complaints from small business is having to maneuver the complex government grants, subsidy, and other government programs available to small business owners. More accurately when it comes to the conservative’s small business grants are more of a bait and switch! Ford promises a grant then takes it away! Some of the issues facing small business are such things as dealings with big business. All too often small business does not have the resources to compete against big business and their big budgets. If you elect Paul, as MPP he will work and FIGHT with government to implement a new work subsidy program for small medium business owners where students at local Colleges and Universities can be paid to have a special workshare subsidy program by the government. This way small business can be provided with affordable skilled professional services and at the same time helping students transition to the working world. Paul believes strongly in supporting small business owners. This is because Paul is a small business owner as well! Most importantly Paul strongly believes that small business support local economies, like Guelph. The conservatives have shown but one thing that is they can talk big, but that is all they can do!

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A growing province needs safer roads, safer highways and better transit!
Better roads for modern day users. Many years ago, roads were made just for cars. One rarely ever saw a cyclist, let alone a jogger on a country road or a busy highways such as highway six and seven. Today it is very commonplace to see cyclists, joggers, and walkers on many roads and highways. As a result, many people have been injured or worst yet killed on Ontario roads. Whether from bad drivers or more likely poor maintained roads. This must and has to change. Paul will fight for better wider & safer roads to be built. When highway seven was repaved east of Guelph, why did the province not widen the shoulders to accommodate cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians? Sadly, the answer is simply. It is cost, but how much is someone’s life worth? Just before the election Ford promised Guelph if he was elected, he would restore the highway six and highway seven high improvement plan he cancelled in 2018. Why did Ford and the Conservatives wait so long? Better yet, Why do the Conservatives hate Guelph so much to cancel a critical highway upgrade in 2018? The Conservatives say they canceled the highway six and seven expansion to be fiscally responsible. However, ask yourself, how much did Ontario taxpayers have to pay to cancel the project? Only for it to be allegedly re-started again. Better yet, ask yourself what did the Ontario Green party have to say about the highway six and seven expansion cancellation and subsequent cancellation fees?
Some may believe cancelling all highway projects and putting tolls on the 400 serries highways, is the answer to protecting the environment. However, when you think about it, this spells complete disaster for the environment. It will cause millions of carbon polluting vehicles to be sitting in gridlock. Most importantly if the 401 gets a toll, all traffic off the 401 will detour through Guelph!

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Ford is no better than Trudeau when it comes to interfering with law enforcement!
The Liberals and the Conservatives are notorious for intervening with our justice. We all recall the SNC Lavalin scandal, well many are unaware of the Conservative scandal. Doug Ford’s Conservatives have cooked the books and in doing so committed serious abuses of political office. A few months ago, in response to the Ottawa protests, Doug Ford stated in the media government must not involve itself in law enforcement. However, Doug Ford forgot he had ordered the Ministry of Labour not to enforce the law, shortly after being elected in 2018. As a result, this caused a more than 90% reduction in convictions of occupational health & safety infractions. Moreover, Doug Ford’s hidden agenda was so that all business included bad ones would receive the $1.5 billion WSIB rebate. What raises even greater concern is that Doug Ford ordered the Ministry of Labour to remove the OSH convictions from their website.

Doug Ford caused the crisis within Ontario’s Justice system!
Doug Ford has intentioanlly caused a catastrophic crisis within Ontario’s justice system. Such that accused criminals could be set free due to the intentionally constructed delays with the justice system. That vicitms of a worng will NEVER see justice!

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